12 June 2019


Camp participants will be hosted at the Grand Hotel Regina located in the center of the town of Salsomaggiore Terme just 200 meters from the sports center that will host all the camp activities. The hotel, [...]

21 April 2019

Happy easter to all

Hi guys, the camp play fencing staff wishes you a happy, peaceful and joyful Easter. We all hope that in the Easter egg this year you will find a wonderful gift ... the ticket to participate in the [...]

17 April 2019

Andrea Vivian

Hi, let me introduce myself, I am Andrea Vivian fire brigade officer. From 2014 I follow most of the athletes of the Italian national fencing team. I am the respiratory trainer of Marco Fichera, Andrea [...]

5 April 2019

Marco Fichera

Hi everyone, now it's my turn. I'm Marco Fichera as you know I have been fencing for 17 years. I started in Acireale with maestro Domenico Patti and then moved to Milan with my current master Andrea [...]

21 February 2019

Andrea Santarelli

Hi guys, I decided to organize this camp because I think that such a project, moreover with some friends, like Andrea, Luigi and Marco, could be a unique moment and let me grow. I also think I can give [...]

6 February 2019

The mental coach: Luigi Mazzone

Hi, I'm Luigi Mazzone, graduated in medicine and specialized in child neuropsychiatry. I worked for years in the United States and then returned to Italy and worked in Rome at the Bambin [...]

22 January 2019

The coach: Andrea Candiani

Hi everyone, I'm Andrea Candiani, fencing master since 1986, find my resume under my profile. Here I would like to welcome you and explain my motivation to participate in the Camp-Play [...]

8 January 2019

We tell ourselves

In this new blog article I decided to introduce the four staff members one at a time, those who will give you their knowledge during this unmissable week. From the next article, starting from Marco, you [...]

14 December 2018

Why sign up for our Camp?

Here I am again here, I am always your favorite storyteller. Today I will tell you why, according to those fantastic four, you can not miss the registration to CAMP-PLAY FENCING.

As usual, you [...]

9 December 2018


Dear readers, I am one of you, I decided to put myself on the other side and to tell you how I was a storyteller the story of this wonderful adventure.

Would you like to give us some, can [...]

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