The mental coach: Luigi Mazzone

6 February 2019

Hi, I'm Luigi Mazzone, graduated in medicine and specialized in child neuropsychiatry. I worked for years in the United States and then returned to Italy and worked in Rome at the Bambin Gesù Children's Hospital. A few years ago I founded a non-profit organization named: Progetto Aita which supports children and young people with autism spectrum disorder. In 2015 I founded a fencing gym: Accademia scherma Lia in which every afternoon about 50 boys train together doing inclusion and integrating with each other. Among these boys there are also a group of boys with autism spectrum syndrome. What we have noticed is that by working and doing sport together we are able to improve a social fabric and the living conditions of both normal and autistic children improve. I am from 2015 mental coach of the Italian national fencing team and with the male sword I won the silver medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics. I also follow Marco Fichera and the European and under 20 world champion as well as member of the women's sword team absolute Federica Isola. I decided to participate in the camp play fencing because I think it can be a time of great growth combined with the fun of a week together. We will be able to exchange fears and worries but also laughter and joys. I will teach you some important tricks to share with your teachers at home. I wait for you, I can't wait to start. A hug. Gigi

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Accademia Scherma Lia